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Arkpax Ark 1800W - IP67 Dustproof and Water-resistant Portable Power Station for Watersports

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Fast Recharge: 1500Wh capacity and 2-hour recharge time provide reliable power for camping and blackouts.

Multiple Charging Methods: Ark offers a perfect solution for outdoor or remote power needs with its support for various charging methods such as solar charging (up to 500W), AC charging, and car/RV charging.
Huge Output: It offers a total of 4 AC power outputs and 7 DC outputs and delivers 1800W of power and can surge up to 3300W, enabling simultaneous use of multiple devices.
Full Protection and Durability: Our power stations offer up to 35 protections and provide stable power no matter where you are. It is designed to last up to 10 years or 1,000 charge cycles to 80% while maintaining optimal health.
Built-in Light: The power station has a built-in light which can be turned on/off by pressing the "Light" button once. Hold the "Light" button for 2-3 seconds to activate SOS mode during emergencies.
Comfortable to Carry: The Hulk Belt distributes Ark's weight to your upper body, offering comfort and freedom of movement. It allows for both hand-carrying and hands-free options.
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Regular price
$1,999.00 USD
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$1,999.00 USD
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$1,999.00 USD
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7-10 Days Delivery

Free Shipping in the US

30 Days Return & Refund Policy

2 Years Warranty

1800W/3300W Surge Powerful Output

Confidently Provides Reliable Power to a Diverse Range of Devices

Home Backup

Off-Grid Life


Power All Your Devices

Versatile Outlets, Fits All Your Devices

Front View

Back View

Triple Power Up : Charge in Versatile Way

Full Protection

Reliable & Safe to Use

Overvoltage Protection/Undervoltage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Over Temperature Protection/Under Temperature Protection

Immersion Detection Technology

Decade of Power

Over 1000 Charge Cycles to 80%+ Capacity & 10 Years of Resilient Performance

Charge Cycles


Years of Use

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

  • Arkpax Ark 1800W 1800W / 1500Wh
  • Arkpax Ark Evo 1800W 1800W / 1200Wh
  • Arkpax Titan 1200W / 1000Wh

Recharging Time


Sustainable Energy Saving

Extremely Versatile


Power Supply Without Interruption

Ergonomic Hulk-Belt System

Built-in Light

Supports SOS Mode(3h)

LED Display



Battery Cell Type

Life Cycles

AC Outlet

Inverter Type

Surge Power

USB-C Port

USB-A Port

12V DC Outlet

AC Input

Solar Input

Car Input

Max Input

AC Charging Cable

Solar Charging




Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

AC Cable Charging Temperature



What’s in the box


IP67. Ark has a water resistance rating of IP67, which means it can withstand immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes without malfunctioning. However, we do not recommend prolonged or frequent water immersion as it may affect the actual lifespan of the product.

Yes, the Ark can charge devices while it is being charged itself. This is known as pass-through charging, and it allows you to charge the Ark and your devices simultaneously.

The Ark's operational duration varies based on the device it's paired with. Here's how to calculate it:Use this formula: Running time = Battery capacity × Depth of Discharge (DoD) × Local Inverter Efficiency (η) ÷ Load power.In the case of Ark, the DoD stands at 94%, and η is 90%.

By plugging the Ark into a standard wall outlet, it can reach full charge within a short period of 2 to 2.5 hours.

Yes, you can use third-party solar panels to charge the power station using a DC input (adapter or solar panel) and an XT60 cable. The Ark is compatible with solar panels that meet the following specifications:
12~24V 10A Max, 200W Max. with MPPT
24~46V 10A Max, 400W Max. with MPPT

The nominal battery capacity of Ark is 1500Wh.

You can charge the Ark using an AC adapter, a car adapter, or a solar panel.

The Ark's battery capacity remains over 80% at the room temperature (25°C) after 1000 cycles.