Arkpax 12 Folding Portable Solar Panel for Ark & Titan - 200W

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  • High Efficiency: The 200W portable solar panels provide high solar output and efficiency, meeting your energy needs and saving costs in the long run
  • More Portable: Our design folds 12 times, taking up less space than competitors that fold only 4 times, maximizing storage capacity.
  • High Conversion Rate: Built with monocrystalline solar cells, our product has a 23% conversion rate, allowing for efficient charging even in adverse weather conditions.
  • IP65 Waterproof: With an IP65 waterproof rating, our product is built to withstand some weather condition, be it rain, wind, or sunshine.
  • Lighter than Others: Our solar panel weighs only 11 pounds, much lighter than 20-pound alternatives, for easy portability.

Regular price
$399.00 USD
Sale price
$399.00 USD
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14 days Return & Refund Service

2 years warranty time

Features Overview

23% High Efficiency - Ideal Solar Intake

12 Folding - Compact and Lightweight

ETFE Coating- Built to Last

IP65 Weather-resistant - Withstand Watersplash

Angle-adjustable Design - Maximize Solar Power Production

Made for Ark & Titan - All-in-one Power Solution



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The box contains one Arkpax 200W Portable Solar Panel and one User Manual.

Harnessing solar panels for power generation on boats offers numerous benefits. By capturing sunlight and converting it into electrical energy, solar panels provide a reliable and sustainable power source, especially during daylight hours. This approach aligns with eco-conscious practices, reduces reliance on traditional fuel sources, and promotes a cleaner marine environment.

The waterproof rating of Arkpax Solar Panels is IP65, indicating a high level of protection against water and dust ingress. These panels are specifically designed to withstand exposure to marine environments, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging conditions at sea.

Equipment with an IP65 rating is generally designed to prevent water ingress, including low-pressure water jets from various directions.

Given the higher salinity and corrosiveness of seawater, it's essential to provide effective protection against its intrusion. For devices intended for marine use, resistance to salt spray (moist air near the sea) is paramount. Arkpax solar panels undergo a rigorous 72-hour salt spray test, equivalent to approximately 3 years of exposure to salt spray environments.

Our solar cells are equipped with high-performance monocrystalline technology, delivering an exceptional 23% conversion rate.

This ensures consistent and efficient charging capabilities, even when facing adverse weather conditions or low light environments.

Nevertheless, the generated power output of a marine solar panel is also influenced by variables such as sunlight intensity, panel positioning, and shading effects.

Store the solar panel in a cool, dry location, avoiding direct sunlight exposure.