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Empowering Disaster Preparedness: Arkpax's Impact at Office Disaster Prevention EXPO 2024

Empowering Disaster Preparedness: Arkpax's Impact at Office Disaster Prevention EXPO 2024
Arkpax, a leading provider of portable power solutions, made a remarkable debut at the 20th Office Disaster Prevention EXPO held at Tokyo Bigsight from May 8th to May 10th, 2024. This marked a significant milestone for Arkpax as it entered Japan's disaster prevention-themed exhibition for the first time, demonstrating its commitment to expanding its presence in this critical sector.

During the expo, Arkpax showcased the practical applications of its products in disaster prevention scenarios, highlighting the versatility and benefits of their IP67 waterproof portable power stations and IP65 rated solar panels for ensuring safety and operational continuity during unforeseen events. The Head of Arkpax Japan Marketing Department emphasized their goal to demonstrate how Arkpax products can be successfully utilized in disaster prevention and stressed the importance of integrating their solutions into disaster preparedness plans.

Exciting news was unveiled during the exhibition, with Arkpax introducing the much-anticipated Pro series. The IP67 Ark Pro 2000W with 2300Wh capacity is set to be available for sale in Japan by the end of October. These premium IP67 family solar generators from Arkpax offer enhanced features and capabilities, catering to the evolving needs of their customers. With clean and sustainable energy production and zero emissions, the IP67 Ark series exemplifies Arkpax's commitment to providing cutting-edge and environmentally friendly power solutions.

Visitors to the Arkpax booth had the opportunity to explore their impressive range of products, engage in discussions about disaster prevention strategies, and witness firsthand the value of integrating Arkpax's energy solutions into their preparedness plans.

Join us at the ongoing exhibition and discover how Arkpax is revolutionizing disaster preparedness in Japan!